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Salon Spa Business Solutions has a unique and powerful insight into your business! We have walked in your shoes. Every one of our coaches and trainers was a salon or spa owner and licensed industry professional.


On-Site Training

Transform your salon and spa with our Salon Spa Business Solutions On-Site Transformation Business Training. Learn and implement a new service cycle that will immediately affect the success of your business.

Training Team

About Us

Deb Hunt has over 35 years of experience in the salon/spa industry. She has had success as a service provider, color specialist and as a salon/spa owner.

Salon Spa Business Solutions

Financial Review

Sometimes all we need is some good focused direction, knowing what areas we need to put the most attention to support our desired growth and what areas are doing well and can just need continued management.

Our Salon & Spa Business Financial Review does just that. We begin with a conversation with YOU about what you want, where you want the business to go and what you feel is working and not working , We then begin our analysis process by taking your business information and looking at it in many different ways, we let the numbers in every area of the business tell us the story. Once we have completed our analysis we get back on the phone with you and share what we see, make recommendations for you and create a plan for you to follow over the next year to reach your goals.

A 360 degree view of your company (we will review and make recommendations on the following) Compensation, Pricing, Putting systems in place, Systems needed, Staff effectiveness with clients and Marketing

Our Coaches Review With You:

  • Where your money is being spent in a way that you can really see and understand it

  • Where you are in budgeting

  • How to set up and understand your budgets

  • How to implement 3 new spreadsheets for you to begin to use to help you keep track and stay in budget.

  • 1st is a month by month (breakeven where you will SEE every month where all your money is and where your ended up in budgeting.

  • 2nd is a staff tracking /goal setting spreadsheet so you can have a better ongoing view of what is happening at all times with all your staff results

  • 3rd is a goals projection sheet to support you and your management team in seeing and reaching the company goals monthly

  • How to set clear goals for the company and talk with you about what you will need to do to make it happen.