"I Was Able To Build A Clientele And Maintain An Amazing Business"

"I have recently moved to a completely new area and started a completely new life. This is only because of the assistance and training I received from Deb Hunt many years ago. After going through coaching and implementing many skills I had learned I was able to build a clientele and maintain an amazing business in my previous area as well as have the confidence to start all over in a new area. After being in my new location for a couple months I gave Deb a call and thanked her immensely for all that she had shared with me and told her I could not have made this bold move without her coaching. I do know that one needs to be open for growth as well as change in order to allow her coaching to impact your business. When you allow this in your life the sky is the limit with your personal as well as business growth as well as income potential." 


"Her Expertise And Passion Together Is What Makes Her My Go To Girl"

“Deb has been such an inspiration and a motivation to me; as a woman and an entrepreneur. Her expertise and passion together is what makes her my go to girl when I have a new project. I used her consulting services over the last 8 years, and I would recommend her to anyone who is needing guidance with a new venture or wanting to take their business to the next level.” 

Shimika Kennison

Owner, Entourage Institute of Beauty

"I Realized All My Dreams Are Coming True!"

"I just wanted to thank you and acknowledge you for my growth and success in 2012. I realized that all my dreams are coming true. What I also realize is that would not have been possible without the commitment, guidance and support you have to me. After working together now for almost 10 years, my life is so different, and once was just a dream. Now all my dreams are my reality and I’m am over the top grateful for you and totally look forward with anticipation of our next 10 years together. Thank you with all my heart." 

Travis Sheley 

Owner, Germantown Day Spa & Salon, TN

"I Have Learned How To Educate My Guests And Gain Their Loyalty"

"I have worked with Deb Hunt for 5 years. She has taught me how to find the needs of each guest through the utilization of a consultation system. In using this format I have gained new guests and maintained my existing guests. The consultation systems gives me questions to ask each guest to find the challenges they are having with their skin as well as what their expectations are from the treatment. I have learned how to educate my guests and gain their loyalty. I have achieved great success working with Deb Hunt. " 

Tabitha Schaffer 

Skin Care Specialist, Germantown Day Spa & Salon, TN

"The In-Salon Training Program We Received From Deb Hunt Was The Most Motivating And Challenging My Staff Has Ever Received"

"The in-salon training program we received from Deb Hunt was the most motivating and challenging my staff has ever received. We are now moving in a more positive direction as a result of her services. Deb not only met my high standards, but also exceeded my expectations."

Lonnie Roberts 

Owner, Hair Excellence

She Has An Innate Ability For Marketing, Personal Service, Professionalism, Finances, And Reaching The Potential Of Your Staff.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Deb Hunt over the last four years. I own a salon in a small Midwestern town, and I was struggling after five years of continuous losses, and not being a Cosmetologist, but a banker. I was completely overwhelmed as to my lack of knowledge of this industry, and how to make it a success for our employees and myself. My search of consultants led me to Deb Hunt as our Coach. Deb was able to teach me how a profitable salon should run, how to budget effectively, train, market and service our clients as though they were the MOST important people in the world when they entered our salon. Not only did she coach me, but through phone calls and several personal visits, she trained our staff. Our staff loved Deb, especially because she was one of them (not a banker). She understood their concerns and their deeply rooted ‘old ways’ of serving clients, and she was able to change their thought processes to become better sales people, and to treat the clients as guests deserving of the best possible care. I would recommend Deb and any of her associates as training specialists, consultants or coaches for whatever your business may be. She has an innate ability for marketing, personal service, professionalism, finances, and reaching the potential of your staff. She is a professional in every sense, honest and straightforward."

 Janice Wagen


"The Most Exciting Part Is To See What’s To Come. And I Know She Will Be There Every Step Of The Way"

"I don’t know where to begin. I know to most, 28 years may seem young. But my 28 years has been full of ever changing uncertainties. Everything I thought I knew was not what I thought it was. My life coaching with Deb has given me the ability to focus on something concrete and see it evolve. She has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet gives me the challenges I need to grow. She makes me face myself and because of that I have learned what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. I really feel that she truly understands me, and that has been key to my trusting the coaching process. I love her creative ways she takes to get to that ah ha moment. It amazes me how much a 1hour session once a week has impacted my life so much. She makes it easy because she helps you find knowledge in yourself that somehow you have forgotten. Like an inner child that wants to be heard. I am so blessed to have found Deb and the journey to her has been just as eye opening. Now I have the most incredible position in a career that I have an amazing passion for. Every new day still comes with its own challenges but I feel like I am better equipped to face them. The most exciting part is to see what’s to come. And I know she will be there every step of the way." 


Service Provider

"Her No Nonsense Approach To Accountability And Learning What Our Business Really Meant Proved To Be Invaluable."

"Deb Hunt was suggested to us as a professional/business coach at the end of 2006 and we worked with her for most of 2007. Her no nonsense approach to accountability and learning what our business really meant proved to be invaluable. She helped us to understand what the numbers truly mean! And then what to do with that information to move forward. She made us look at what we do and how we do it with a new set of eyes and how to be positively critical of what we saw. If you want to want to grow and are willing to do the work necessary, Deb hunt is the coach for you."

Daniel & Melinda Keane

Owners, Market Place Salon and Day Spa

"She Is A Professional In Every Sense"

"I would recommend Deb and any of her associates as training specialists, consultants or coaches for whatever your business may be. She has an innate ability for marketing, personal service, professionalism, finances, and reaching the potential of your staff. She is a professional in every sense, honest and straightforward."

Janice Wagen

Owner, OZ Salon, WI

"The Time Spent On Our Sessions Is More Than Worth The Investment"

"I have worked with several business coaches over the years, in an effort to achieve constant growth and improvement . I have found that Deb Hunt has the knowledge of our industry needed to attain our goals, and is outstanding at holding the salon owner accountable. I feel the time spent on our sessions is more than worth the investment." 

Kathleen Cantu

Owner, Red Salon and Spa Cape Coral, FL

"I Had A Lot On My Plate With Ten Employees And Two Children And A Husband"

"I started working with Deb Nov. '07. I had a lot on my plate with ten employees and two children and a husband. Deb was able to give me structure and systems for the salon. Before I started working with Deb the most I could tell you was gross sales for service and retail. I now know what each employee as well as the salon as a whole - average service ticket, retail to service ratio and number of clients." Jennifer 


Owner, Regans Hair, LA

"I'm Learning How To Be In Control Of My Destiny"

"Since beginning my work with Deb Hunt last August, she has slowly yet patiently worked with me to take back my business. After 16 years of running my business as a softie, I'm learning how to be in control of our destiny and keep control. At the same time we have helped my stylist/employees see how to build a strong loyal clientele. It is working BIG TIME!" 

Christine Moskowitz 

Owner, Amparo Salon, CA"

"Working With Deb Has Brought Me Incredible Growth"

"Working with Deb has brought me incredible growth as a salon owner. I now 1)stand on my own two feet and say I'm a profitable business 2)have goals and systems in place 3)know my numbers and have a direction towards my future. Deb helped me create a team environment where they all communicate in a flawless dance. My salon rocks! Customers and even the UPS man, comment on the great energy our salon has. I can take the vacation I deserve with money in my bank account for me. Imagine that!" 

Robin Cartier

Owner, Salon Cartier

"You Taught Me How To Work On My Business"

"Dear Deb, It was great to see you again at the IBS show last week. I would like to take an opportunity to thank you for your support and training over the years. My initial reason for seeking out consulting was to discover a quick and easy fix to my ever growing and tiring business duties. I was working all day as a stylist and nights as a business owner and trying to manage a staff at the same time. You taught me how to work”on” my business, work efficiently and most importantly how to be an effective leader. Not a quick fix but permanent and precise systems that have enabled me to hire the right team, have the courage to loose the bad apples and create a culture that I am proud of and enjoy. Your systems are straight forward, easy to learn and in very little time anyone can have a clear picture of where they are, where they need to go, and how to get there. You have educated and inspired me, and I am sincerely grateful. Best of luck and success with Salon Spa Business Solutions!" 

Anne Marie Sheeley

President, Salon Diva

Unequivocally The Best Experience!

"Unequivocally the best experience! Just began implementing the systems. Looking forward to the weeks and months ahead!! Thank you!" 

Patti Bonnie

Owner, Tuscany Day Spa, FL