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Deb Hunt has over 35 years of experience in the salon/spa industry. She has had success as a service provider, color specialist and as a salon/spa owner.

Deb sold her salon and moved to San Diego to work with Salon Training International, where she provided 12 years of coaching and training expertise. Deb’s passion is working one on one with salon/spa owners, supporting them in learning the skills needed to manage a successful and profitable business.

Teaching effectiveness in business, finance, management, and leadership, Deb has helped thousands of salons & spas over the past 20 years to realize their true potential. Deb uses her personal experience working behind the chair while managing & owning her own Salon/Spa business to connect with her audiences, touch their hearts, and inspires them to greatness. Deb’s unparalleled commitment is to have each and every salon/spa owner running a business that works and provides them a life they love, and a business that supports that life….

Deb believes that everyone has the ability to be a successful business owner with the right training and understanding of their business. Just as we all had specific training at our technical craft, learning the right skill sets for business management and ownership are imperative to owning a successful business.

As a key note speaker Deb has the ability to have her audiences Touched, Moved and Inspired to be in action creating the life they choose (not just living the life they were dealt) 

The commitment of Deb’s company; Salon Spa Business Solutions is to always leave the business and the people within the business empowered, passionate, motivated, and confident with an overall sense of success.

Deb Hunt


My experience started as a passionate hairdresser knowing from day one that I wanted to own my own salon, I bought my 1st salon after 4 years as a stylist. Many things happened (good and bad) in my 1st years of ownership which help me today be a great coach & trainer. I have walked in the shoes of the people I work with. After hiring a business coach to help me grow my business as well as support my team in reaching their potential I sold my salon and moved to California to help salon spa owners to grow and expand, one of the best decisions I ever made. In the last 19 years, I grew as a coach and trainer, managed the consulting department of Salon Training International and then once again started my own coaching and training company.

Deb Hunt
 Jamie Klatt
Jamie KlattLess

Trainer / Coach

I have been a licensed cosmetologist in the industry for the past 25 years. I have held many positions over the years, from color specialist, owner, coach, business trainer for Salon Training International, Senior Trainer for Salon Spa Business Solutions, Service Provider Coach to name a few. My passion is the transformation of people and the possibility that everyone owns their greatness and lives their best life. In trainings my goofy humor lightens the room and my honesty is refreshing and compassionate in supporting my audience to reach a level of success that each are capable of. I currently work day to day in my two salon locations in Central Florida.

Robin Cartier

Mind Map Specialist

I am so humbled by my experience in starting this salon and love to share the valuable lessons I have learned with my team, as well as my clients. I hire like minded individuals who have the same passion in creating a unique look just for you, with the intention of drawing out your best assets. It is so important to teach you how to duplicate your look at home with ease until your next visit in a relaxing and friendly environment. IT STARTED WITH A DREAM! From dream to reality in 90 days. I had been doing hair for 16 years when I was chosen to be on a TV pilot called Dream. Dream was about achieving your goal in 90 days. I currently own and manage Salon Cartier in Northern California.