Your Team is Your Business Treasure ~ Invest In Them

Every successful Salon or Spa owner will tell you they spent a lot of time and money on developing their team, and that investment is what brought them to a place of great success.

As coaches we encounter many new clients who have not learned the value of providing their team with quality training and education and motivation. One way to look at this is to consider the cost of lost time and lost money when you loose a good service provider.

  • Add up how much time & money you spend:

  • Placing ads for job openings

  • Reviewing applicants to select a few interviewable candidates

  • Interviewing the candidates

  • Checking references on a couple that you liked from interviews

  • Having your manager interview the final candidates

  • Talking with your manager about their thoughts of a best fit

  • Negotiation to bring them on board

  • Orienting them on the operations of your Salon or Spa

  • Training them on your Client Service Processes

  • Setting them up as a new hire for tracking and payroll

  • Working them into the schedule

  • Answering their questions, questions, questions

And remember, bringing a new member into the team sometimes has a negative snowball affect on the rest of the team, especially if they happen to be a “bad apple”. And they haven’t made you any money yet! This is just the basics of the cost of time and money you spend to start new with a team member. From our years of experience as Salon and Spa owners as well as Salon and Spa coaches we know that the new hire process costs thousand of dollars in time and money for each new team member.

The better investment is spent on retaining your current team! It is a proven fact that employees feel valued by a company that invests in their ongoing growth through training and education. This builds trust and loyalty be

cause they see you respect and value their talent. It does not always keep good service providers from leaving, but it surely makes it happen a lot less frequently.
The most powerful training you can provide is an In-Salon training program custom created for your specific team. Here is what one of our clients had to say about their In-Salon program:

"THE IN-SALON TRAINING PROGRAM WE RECEIVED FROM DEB HUNT WAS THE MOST MOTIVATING AND CHALLENGING MY STAFF HAS EVER RECEIVED. We are now moving in a more positive direction as a result of her services. Deb not only met my high standards, but also exceeded my expectations.” Lonnie Roberts/Owner, Hair Excellence

Give us a call and let’s talk about how our custom created In-Salon Training for your team will change the future of your business.