If you are like many salon & spa owners and managers, when you review your monthly profit & loss statements you struggle to understand what changes you need to make in your business to improve success. In fact in our work with many salon and spa coaching engagements we find that the P&L is not even being reviewed monthly because it didn’t really provide the numbers in a way that is helpful specific to decision making for salon and spa business.

And in many instances the P&L isn’t even completed until months later which makes the information out of date and not valuable to what is happening in the business now.

The team as Salon Spa Business Solutions recognized this as a barrier for our clients and we created an industry specific tracking programs that provides you with a very usable set of tools to analyze team member performance and business performance in a way that gives you a very strong foundation for making the correct decisions to affect positive change.

Here is a link to our Profit & Finance Tools >> that you can use to gain a better understanding of your business performance

Still have questions? We provide Business Financial Review coaching. We begin with a conversation with you about what you want, where you want the business to go and what you feel is working and not working , Then we complete our analysis process by taking your business information and looking at it in many different ways, we let the numbers in every area of the business tell us the story. Once we have completed our analysis we get back on the phone with you and share what we learned & make recommendations for you and create a plan for you to follow over the next year to reach your goals. Call us today to schedule your Business Financial Review >> (760) 536-9012