As Salon & Spa Owners & Managers you have a very long to do list every day, all day long, all year long. And just when you get a few things crossed off the list a crisis occurs and your to do list gets set aside.

The statement that Time is Money is especially true in the Salon and Spa business. When we are starting a new coaching engagement with an owner they will talk a lot about what they have done and are doing to increase revenue and cut expenses. They don’t talk about what they are doing to improve time management in the business.

Spending time on managing time will help you become more profitable. If you and your management team have To Do Lists that is a great start. If not then please get those lists created. There are a lot of ways to keep these lists so it is up to you whether it is an App on mobile devices for lists or maybe your front desk software has a task or list tool if that is a better fit, and of course you can use paper and pen but we suggest you try to use technology.

Prioritize the lists based on these areas:

Priority A: what will make your business revenues & profit grow
Priority B: what will move your team to learn and improve
Priority C: everything else
Always start your day working on A’s and when they are done go to B’s, etc. Most owners and managers start their day putting out fires and handling crisis. If you start that way you greatly increase the chance that you never get through your A & B priorities. Days then Weeks then Months go bye and the tasks that will make your business revenues and profits grow and that will make your team improve get left undone.

Time is Money!