The Y In The Road

We all get to them… in Life ~ In Business ~ In Love ~ As we Age

We are business coaches and consultants and want to share with you about The Y In The Road In Business.

There are many things that cause a Y In The Road in Business:

  • Starting

  • Expanding

  • Downsizing

  • Selling

  • Closing

  • Creating a Partnership

  • Ending a Partnership

  • And many more…

Unfortunately we are often contacted by a Salon or Spa business owner who has already faced a Y In The Road and made a choice about which path to take, and it isn’t working out as they expected. So they call us frantic for help, answers, and support.

Usually they have gotten input and advice from business acquaintances; friends; family; and sometimes from business professionals like their accountant or attorney. But still the path they chose is not working out as they had projected based on all the input they did receive and research they did do.

The reason why this happens is primarily because the advice they received was from someone with one aspect or a limited understanding of the Salon and Spa Industry as well as incomplete information about their particular business situation.

The coaches at Salon and Spa Business Solutions have all owned and operated successful Salons or Spas. We know what it takes to achieve success, and we constantly study the trends in this Industry.

The most important time to engage a Professional Business Coach is when you are at a Y In The Road!

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We will guide you to make the Best Choice for you at your Y In The Road!