If you want to hire and retain quality Technicians you must have a great Education program. And you also need to look for ways to Teach Your Technicians Every Day! If you think that a Quality Team comes from a "set it and forget it" mentality you will suffer with poor recruits and high turnover.

Yes this is a very blunt statement, but that is because it is Critically Important to your salon or spa success. Create an education program that includes ongoing trainings on key salon and spa topics like client retention, pre-booking, increasing retail sales, to name a few. And in addition to the formal education program you should keep your eyes and ears open every day to seek opportunities to educate and train each team member. Be present in the salon, stop and do a check in with customers and thank them for choosing your salon. You will see and hear the team in action and this will provide you the heads up on who needs help in their client service.

If you need help putting your Education Program together or improving the one you have just give us a call. We will help you get the plan in place and into action.