Social Media Marketing Tips

Instragram, Facebook, LinkedIn… and so many more. Here is a quick list of tips to enhance your social media results.

Choose the right one for your business. We suggest our clients use up to 3 social media platforms to start with and then expand to more as they get their marketing program consistent with the first three. A good way to start is to think about how your business is most likely to attract new customers. An example is that Instagram is all pictures and videos so it works especially well for businesses that are visual such as Hair & Nail salons; Home Remodeling companies; Photographers, to name a few.

Set your camera to shoot square photos. Most cameras are set to shoot rectangle shaped photos which often need to be cropped to square for best use in marketing. The cropping process takes extra time, and sometimes you have to crop out something you would like to keep. Almost all cameras have a setting that you can change so they shoot square photos. Saves time and you get the content you want included when you take the shot.

Use videos in your marketing. Mix it up by adding videos to your posts. Videos are a valuable tool that engages your followers and fans. Don’t worry about the quality of the video, you don’t have to be a pro at it, just make sure it delivers a clear message with interesting content.

Use a link shortener like link. They have good data reports that show you how your social media posts are sending traffic to your website, and they let you see which of your posts are performing best which helps you know what to create for new posts.

Use your most valuable website content as the landing URL for the relative social media posts. Don’t get in the pattern of always sending them to your home page. If the posts content is about a product have it land on the detail page for that product, or if it is highlighting a specific blog article have the visitor click through to the detail page for that blog article.

Most important part of social media is… just Do It! Don’t hesitate because you don’t think the pic or video is perfect. Post It! Not sure if you are using the most strategic hashtag… no problem. Use It! The most important part of social media is being really active, posting, responding, cross-promoting by liking/linking to other posters content.