Resolving Conflict within your Team Members

One thing that is common throughout any work force is conflict. And it can be especially challenging when the team members are highly creative which is true for many Salon and Spa service providers. Finding the best path for resolving conflict within your team is not always easy and is certainly not something you look forward to, so that makes it stressful.

Here are a few key things to consider as you try to establish your best path for conflict resolution:

Identify the source of the conflict, is it personal or professional. Often times the conflict is actually about a personal matter and not related to their work. If it is a personal conflict that they are bringing into the work place it will be easier to ask them to keep the personal matter outside of the work place.

Determine the depth of the conflict, is it between two team members or groups of the team. Take your time and keep your ears open to determine how wide spread the conflict is. Sometimes it is quickly apparent that there is a divide in your team and the conflict is between the two or three groups. Sometimes it is just between a small number of the team.

Have a general idea for options of resolution before you step in. By now you probably already know what is causing the conflict, so begin to consider options that will respect all parties involved, trying not to alienate or offend. Don’t take sides, rather listen to each parties concerns and and do your best to bring the bigger picture into their perspective. Conflicts often arise over small details that grow out of proportion.

Give consideration on when you will step in to referee. Often smaller conflicts will resolve themselves and it is best to let them work it out. When the situation does require your involvement be sure to carefully time your entry into the conflict resolution process.

These are the types of situations that face every Salon and Spa owner and manager, and they can cause you to stress and even loose sleep! We know, we have walked in your shoes, all of our coaches have been Salon or Spa owners or managers in their careers. If you are facing a conflict situation in your business and are unsure how to proceed, give us a call. The first consultation is free and we will be able to get you headed to the best path.