When should Salon & Spa owners commit the time and effort required to recruit new talent? Answer: Every Day! Recruiting is defined as “The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate”.

In recent months the topic of recruiting quality service providers has been on the top of the list with many of our clients. Sadly it is most often because one of the team is leaving and the client has not spent time recruiting so they have no qualified candidates in mind.

Consider Recruiting Every Day. This means you are always on the search for quality talent, frequently running ads for candidates, and when you encounter a technician that would be a great fit you keep their resume on file with your notes on it about why you liked them. The result of perpetual recruiting is when you receive notice of someone leaving the team you have several resumes on file of acceptable candidates to contact. Sure it is probably that they are already working in another Salon or Spa, but it is possible they are still very interested in joining your team.

If you spend time and effort on recruiting daily you will greatly shorten the amount of time it will take finding new talent to fill the upcoming vacancy. In addition to the continued income stream from quickly replacing the departing member, one of the greatest benefits of this process is it Lowers Your Stress level dramatically.

Have questions about Best Recruiting Practices? Give us a call! The Consultation is No Charge and we have a lot of valuable information to provide you on Recruiting to Build a Great Team!