Recruiting (Where, When, How)

"Every salon and spa I am coaching right now is in the constant struggle of recruiting where to find good help, from managers, front desk to service providers that fit into their culture. I hear from Owners that there are no service providers looking and I hear from service providers that no jobs are available.

Owners are searching Craigslist; Indeed; and creating relationships with local beauty schools and still they find it very challenging to locate good quality team members.

As a coach I believe hiring and training new technicians right out of school is the best solution because you can teach them your way, HOWEVER not all owners know how to train and motivate new technicians, and most say “I don’t have time to train new staff” which is one of the things we work on in our coaching sessions. We understand the time consuming process of searching and then training can cause great frustration for the salon owner. We also believe that if you invest in them and their future success they will be vested in yours.

That is why I was very excited to find SalonMatchmakers, and highly recommend them as a resource for salon owners who are seeking new team members. They are a new company growing in the specific area of salon spa recruiting, they are growing so if we as an industry support them this will become a robust and successful search resource.

And remember to be consistent in your search for new talent. Don’t wait until you have an opening to start looking as it can take a couple months to hire good team members, so be searching all the time! Take a look at Salon Matchmakers as a resource for hiring.” Deb Hunt, Owner Salon Spa Business Solutions.

Salon Matchmakers was created to find a way to unify the salon/spa hiring process by way of visual connections, giving their members the power to connect with each other in one industry-wide recruiting platform.

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Salon Matchmakers