Please Don’t Wait Too Long

It just happened again… I got a call from a Salon owner who has been struggling for a couple of years to create consistent profit, and now is facing a desperate situation of possible closure. They said they have been considering calling for a long time, but they kept thinking they were going to get it figured out themselves, and they were embarrassed by the mess they are in.


I always wonder why they wait to call me at the last minute when the situation is already so critical! Many times we can salvage a salon from an “already in the ditch” situation, but unfortunately sometimes we can’t.

Please don’t wait too long to contact us. Do you answer “true” to any of the following:

  • I am constantly struggling to pay all of the business expenses and to have enough money left to breathe easily.

  • I do not have the lifestyle I desire like I don't feel free to take a vacation and know the business will be fine.

  • I am working behind the chair more hours each week then I am spending building and managing my salon business.

  • I am managing the business by feeling “I Think or It Feels like” rather than knowing how to KNOW for sure how we are doing .

  • I am not earning enough to consistently pay myself as the Owner and sometimes I don't pay myself at all.

  • I find it hard to recruit and retain quality Service Providers.

  • I do not know if my marketing efforts are bringing in new business.

  • I would rather work as a technician than deal with the problems in the business.

  • The team is not pre-booking.

  • Our Retail sales are not high enough and no matter what I say, they don’t sell more.

If you answer “true” to any of these statements then it is urgent that you contact us now as your business is heading in the wrong direction. We are very knowledgeable and experienced in turning a Salon or Spa business around, but we are not miracle workers, so Please Don’t Wait Too Long. Our first session with you is Complimentary, so there is no reason to wait, call now so we can help you take the steps to get your business on a successful path. (760) 536-9012.