Owning a Salon is a Business Venture not a Creative Venture!

Many times when we start a coaching engagement we hear a very familiar story… I decided to open my own salon because I have so many ideas about how everything should/could be done, and all of my clients loved my work and raved about how amazing I was in creating a look that was uniquely theirs and they would encourage me to branch out and start my own Salon. Then quickly after starting my salon I realized while I really am a very good stylist I don’t know how to make this business a success.

A very common story!

It is important to recognize that Salons are a Business Venture, not just a Creative Venture. We understand and respect you want to start your own salon, but most importantly we want you to grow and prosper in your business venture! You can feel good knowing it is absolutely possible for a creative genius to own a very successful Salon!

The key is to put the right people in place to support you and your business. It is critical that you have professionals who are seasoned in the Salon business. Having a Salon industry specialist in Marketing, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Legal, HR, and Consulting will provide you the best foundation you can put in place to build your business.

Even if your business has been operating for years, you need to be sure you are getting correct advice from professionals who have substantial history in the Salon industry.

If you are ever uneasy about the advice or results you are receiving from the professionals who are supporting you feel free to give us a call and share the situation with us, we will help you sort out if you are on the right path or if you need to consider a change. We provide this consultation at no charge to you. We truly enjoy supporting you and we want to be sure you have the right professional guidance helping you Build a successful Business Venture!