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Transform your salon and spa with our Salon Spa Business Solutions On-Site Transformation Business Training. Learn and implement a new service cycle that will immediately affect the success of your business. Your clients will be raving about their new experiences. Your team will be raving about all they learned through the process. This program is designed specifically for you, customized to the needs of your salon/spa, and we come to you and deliver the training at your place of business.


  • Reignite Service Provider Passion

  • Increase Average Ticket

  • Increase Retail Sales

  • Strengthen Re-booking Results

  • Referral Plans That Work

Create quality service for your customers and your business will not just survive... your business will THRIVE!

Occasionally you have experienced visiting a business where you were wowed by the level of service that you received. An experience where you felt completely taken care of and you knew you really mattered to that business. And what did you do when you left? You raved! You talked about it... you told your friends, your co-workers, your family & neighbors.

Here are a few tips you can do to get you started THRIVING:

Plan the type of experience you want your customer to have, from the moment they call or walk through the door, until they walk back out the door. Then write it down.

Create scripts for answering the phone, scripts for greeting customers at the door, scripts for the technicians to use as a customer enters the station. You get the idea. Then keep the scripts handy for the team to refer to.

Hold a training session at least once a month where you review the customer service experience and the scripts.

Plan the trainings and make them both informative and fun. You will have a greater success with the staff if they engage in the vision and are excited about the training. This is also a great time to improve the scripts from team feedback!

Accountability and consistency are key to successful customer experience programs.

Your leadership and motivation is the foundation for consistent and successful implementation of your customer experience program. Maybe you are thinking... but I've tried to do this with my team before, and it just hasn't stuck. The changes I want to see just are not happening. We are here to support you, so give us a call at 760-536-9012 and let's discuss what you've tried, and the results. We have an Onsite Training program that has a proven track record of success, and we guarantee results!