OK so you have spent the time to do a successful job of finding and hiring high quality technicians. Do you have a Mentoring Plan that helps them grow?

Some Salon and Spa business plans include a formal mentoring program and some have a culture that encourage mentoring, and some have neither. If you have neither we strongly suggest you work to create either via a plan or by changing the culture.

Benefits of a Mentoring Culture or Plan:

  • It builds harmony

  • It improves communication

  • It improves retention of team members

  • It improves client retention

  • It improves team work because people support what they help create

  • And all of this Increases Profits

New hires are greatly impacted by the team they join and this is the first step in the future of their growth as well as affecting the length of time they stay with your business. Their first and second year is when they settle into how your Salon or Spa is managed. When they become 3 - 5 year employees they can become a mentor for your new hires.

Some key topics about mentoring programs:

  • Not every team member is the right choice to become a Mentor, knowing who is and who isn’t the best choice is important

  • How a mentor is rewarded or compensated for mentoring is key to the success of the program

  • How you manage a new hire who is not responding to their mentors guidance is critical

Creating a mentoring culture or a mentoring program is not an easy undertaking. In fact it is challenging enough that many of our coaching clients wanted to start one but were overwhelmed at how to even begin. Give us a call to talk about Growing an Effective Mentoring Program.