Educating and Motivating is our primary role as Salon and Spa Business Coaches. To be the best we can be at educating and motivating our clients to achieve great success requires that we continue to learn and grow ourselves. One thing that is very clear from our studies and our work with clients is that people who make Excuses have a much higher risk of Failure.

"You can make excuses or you can make progress. You choose." Brian Tracy

Ask yourself these important questions in regards to owning and managing your business... and answer yourself Honestly:

  • When was the last time I made an excuse?

  • How often do I make an excuse?

  • Has making excuses become a habit?

  • Are there specific topics where I tend to make an excuse?

  • Is there a main reason I will make an excuse?

In business management excuse making can start out as a random occurrence that is only a small problem and can snowball into business failure. As you read this are you finding yourself uncomfortable because excuse making has become a habit? Then you need to call us Now and take advantage of our Free First Coaching Session.

Making excuses is not an easy habit to break but we know the exact steps to take you through to get you out of this bad habit and into a path that leads to Business Success! No Excuses! Call us 760-536-9012 for your Free Coaching Session