Definition of Prepare: to put in proper condition or readiness

Now is the time to prepare for 2016, to make plans that will get your Salon/Spa in the proper condition and readiness to create the best possible results for 2016. Creating a plan is not thinking about it or doing some spot checking. Creating a plan is completing the detailed analysis of your current business and creating written documents of the plans that will be implemented in the coming year.

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The key elements of planning for 2016 should include:

  • Review the long term objectives in your Business Plan and revise if appropriate

    Update other aspects of your Business Plan to align with the current operations

    Establish budgets and projections based on the past 6 months of performance

    Analyze your team and create the strategy that will help each of them grow both personally and professionally

    Re-align your Personal Goals & Objectives based on changes you desire

    Create an annual plan based on your Business Plan, Annual Plan, Budgets and Projections, and Team Growth Strategies

If this is a process you are familiar with, comfortable with, and will easily accomplish… you are very lucky!

Most Salon & Spa Owners struggle every year with EFFECTIVELY reviewing the current status of their business and establishing detailed and documented plans in the areas listed above.

The most effective time to take advantage of a business coach is when you are going through a planning phase, whether it is for a start-up or for an annual review and plan. Utilizing a coach will prevent you from short-cutting the process, it will prevent you from ignoring relevant facts, and most importantly your coach will make sure you are basing your plans on facts and not on perception. Fact based planning is critical to getting the results you want!

We want to help you with your preparations for 2016. We want you to create the success you envision for 2016! We want you to utilize our expertise to complete your Annual Planning & Preparations. Call us now at 760-536-9012 or use our Contact Form.