Live Your Dream!
If You Are Struggling To Achieve Success... This Is For You!

> You Do Have The Right Dream BUT are you Clear on Your Dream?

> You NEED the Right Process to Realize Your Dream! You Need To Be Guided in the Right Direction to Attain It!

Dream Success Story!

Client: Janet Williams - Owner of Body Health Mind Center
Johnson City TN

Janet's Dream & the Processes we taught her to Help her Live Her Dream!

  • Get out from behind the chair (Massage/Facial room): It took over a year to help Janet learn to trust her team to take care of “her” guests. Today her guests see and feel that trust and they transition easily to her team

    Get Organized: Janet continues to use the processes we taught her to get and stay organized. Including a Daily Huddle with Manager and another Huddle with the Team, and other methods to stay clear on her Plan of Action. She is working on “Decluttering” and getting rid of the OLD things she was hanging on to (I am proud of her and helped her see this is always an ongoing process)

    Learn to Motivate My Staff To Grow: The team “With Janet Focus” has gone from 13% pre-booking to 40% and they have increased sales this year overall by more than 30% (we had a 15% projection and have blown that out of the water!)

    Time Management: We have Janet and her Manager "managing" from calendars using "by when’s" rather than memory

    Focus (too many irons in the fire): Janet has finally completed nursing school (she did that full time as well as working in and on the business). She is now fully focused on BHMC and results are improving daily! GO JANET & TEAM!

"I always enjoy hearing from owners, managers and staff about how excited they feel, how empowered they are, and how they are now on the same page and encouraged about moving forward. Everyone wants to know they are appreciated, and they all want to know HOW to be successful. On-site training really helps everyone on the team get what THEY need to get to their next level of success." - Deb Hunt

A Note From The Client:

"When Deb started working with my team there was resistance to the changes. Now we all see the value in her approach and can see and feel the growth. It is hard to change old ways, but when the old ways aren't working and the new way does, you can tell."

- Janet Williams, Owner of Body Health Mind Center