I was a Salon Owner for many years before I became a Salon Business Coach & Consultant. I remember like it was yesterday how difficult it was to talk to my staff about what wasn't working with their performance. I wanted them to love me and the business, and my fear that they would be upset with me or quit was overwhelming my ability to manage and lead. I just chose not to have those conversations at all. By making that choice I was not being accountable to my team or my business, which resulted in very poor performance.

I knew I needed an accountable mentor. That was the first time I hired a business coach. Through the coaching process I became accountable and began the transformation of my team, my business, and most importantly... Myself. The transition towards success was almost immediate! I put in systems and structures that helped each team member understand their own performance and to reach for higher standards themselves. The systems and structures provided such good information to each team member that it became easier and easier to manage and lead them. Holding them accountable for their own results brought them much greater satisfaction in their job because they knew what they needed to do to improve.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the coaching I received was through creating systems and structure and from holding On-Site Trainings where the Coach came and worked with us. If you are committed to having great growth and improvement in your Salon or Spa this year, let's have a call and talk about the systems you currently use and to schedule a Free Coaching Call to get you on the path to a Great New Year.