How To Experience Your Business Like A Guest

Successful Salon and Spa owners often have very powerful imaginations. Having great products and excellent techniques is not enough to insure success in this industry. It take great imagination!

Use your imagination! It needs to be exercised to be active, so we are giving you a couple exercises to get you started:

Go outside, take a few deep breaths and clear your mind, and Imagine you are a guest entering your salon for the first time. Now walk through the front door and see your salon from your first time guest experience and let your imagination reveal to you what improvements and changes you can make. Remember first impressions are very important. Does your salon represent your quality, your personality, your commitment to excellence?
Next time you are away from the Salon borrow a friends phone so you are not identified as a caller, take a few deep breaths, and Imagine you are a new guest calling your salon. Now dial the number and listen carefully. Does the energy and attitude from the team member who answered portray your Salon your way?
The most powerful thing about using your imagination is that you will be filled with creative energy, which will make the tasks that need to be done to improve your business easier to attack and more fun. The old saying… If you are not improving, you are getting worse is especially true in the Salon and Spa business. Your clients come to you because they want to be improved, be transformed, be pampered, so making sure that they feel and sense that your business is always improving is very important to your ongoing growth and success. You don’t want your clients to get a sense your Salon is… stale.

Use your imagination! New ideas, more effective approaches, better marketing… with your facility, with your team, with your clients. Imagine what your team would want and strive to make it happen. Imagine what your clients want and become that. Imagine your Salon is lucrative and successful; a business you truly love and are proud of.

Oh, and for those times when you are feeling a little short on the imagination… ask your friends and your team for some of their creative and new ideas.

Now get busy, use your imagination, and make your Salon that business you truly love and are proud of.