Salon Elevator Pitch

The business Elevator Pitch has been around for decades and is used in a situation where you have less than a minute to tell someone about your business. Hence the name Elevator Pitch as an elevator ride typically lasts less than a minute.

We don’t hear the term Elevator Pitch as frequently in the Salon and Spa industry mostly because it is expected that you can just say that you own or work at “X” salon or spa and that will be enough. Actually, the fact that it is such a universally recognized business means it is even more important to have a powerful pitch that will stick with the contact you are talking to after you have parted ways.

A successful pitch is a great way to grow referral business, hand out business cards, and generate new business leads

When we coach our clients through the process of developing their unique and powerful pitch we ask them to use these guidelines:

  • Keep it short & concise

    Write it down and Practice, Practice, Practice

    Avoid trendy buzzwords or industry language that could make the listener confused or annoyed

    Include a question early in pitch to help capture their full attention

    Repeat the company name and general location 2 times during the pitch

    Use words that will cause the listener to stop their brain from whatever they were thinking about and pay attention to what you are saying

    MOST IMPORTANT is to be sure you include the aspects of your Salon or Spa services that make you UNIQUE from your competitors so you stand out to the listener

    End by asking them if they might be able to use your services or if they could refer business to you AND hand them a business card as you are asking this question

Practice makes perfect and this is especially true for a Concise and Powerful Elevator Pitch. You should take every opportunity to use your elevator pitch from talking with the grocery clerk or your auto repair mechanic to the stranger that actually is in the elevator with you. The more you use it you will automatically find ways to say it better and more impactful, which is great! Be sure you edit the written version as you go so you have the current version written down. Share a copy of your Elevator Pitch with all of your team members so they can use it as a basis to create their version of an Elevator Pitch about their services at your Salon or Spa.