Guest Experience is not a new topic, in fact is it one of the fundamentals of starting and running a successful service business, especially in the Salon & Spa Industry. However as we work with our coaching clients we find that many Salon & Spa owners and managers do not truly connect the path from the Guest Experience to increases in Business Profit. There is a profound link and it is important that you are clear on this topic.

Top three ways Enriching the Guest Experience will Increase your Business Profits:

  • Repeat Business - The old saying that it is less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to get a new one is more true in our industry than in most others. The cost in time and advertising dollars spent to acquire new customers speaks for itself.

  • Efficient Time Use - New customers require more time to engage them with the service providers, front desk, and owners/managers. Once they know all of you their focus becomes their appointment with their technician which saves time overall, which in turns creates more profit.

  • Word of Mouth Referrals - When current customers leave your Salon or Spa with a feeling they have been very well treated, received incredible service, and were provided excellent products and service values they are going to talk about it. Word of Mouth Referrals are the best new business lead source you have, with no direct associated cost. But if your existing customers feel so so about their Guest Experience they will not be out telling the world about your business. Excellent Guest Experience at every visit will keep your “walking billboards” singing your praises, which will definitely increase your profits.

If you are reading this and you are confident you have the absolute best possible Guest Experience and it is Consistently Applied, Great! If on the other hand you feel tired of pushing your team to excel in Guest Experience you need to consider an On-Site Training. Our coaches have walked in your shoes and we know it can feel like an ever present uphill battle to get the team to provide consistent excellence in guest experience. We know how to entice and engage your team to Enrich their Guest Experience performance. Our clients continually tell us that holding an On-Site Training was the best investment they have made in their business. Call us to discuss the situation you are facing and let’s get a plan started to Increase Your Profits through Enriching the Guest Experience.