One of the signals that you are running a profitable salon or spa is If your bank balance is growing each month. If you are struggling to pay bills, or not paying yourself, or not being able to grow your business savings each month that is a quick snapshot that you are not operating profitably.

The good news is that profitability is controllable. You have the ability to improve profits. Remember that many salon and spas do manage with a very nice profit.

Ask your bookkeeper or CPA what you can do to increase the profits and they will probably tell you to cut costs or increase sales, or both. A typical generic answer that you already know.

In our years of coaching we find that many salon and spa owners and manager underestimate one of the most critical issues that affects creating salon and spa profitability… Consistently Retaining Clients through Powerful Pre-booking efforts. When we see a salon that is struggling we know one piece of the puzzle they need to solve will be lousy client retention.

If your business is not growing; if your savings are not growing; if you feel a knot in your stomach when it is time to pay bills; it is time for you to take a very serious approach to changing your management style and take advantage of successful Client Retention plans. Pre-Booking starts in the chair and completes at the check out process.

Remember… Profitability is Controllable! If you want further support in gaining ground on profitability call us for a Complimentary Coaching Session today.