Develop Client Affinity and Increase Profits

Affinity is defined as: a feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, ideas, or interests. Client Affinity happens when the client has a feeling of similarity, relationship, or natural attraction to a business. Client Affinity creates Client Loyalty, and Client Loyalty increases Profits.

Successful major brands like Starbucks, Disney, and Marriott have mastered the art of Client Affinity. Their clientele are loyal for the consistent quality of what they offer and of how the client feels when they are there. Today’s Salon and Spa Clients seek that same type of connection with the service provider, products, and atmosphere of the Salon or Spa to which they can become loyal.

The effective way you can build Client Affinity is to develop the mission, values, and culture in your Salon or Spa that aligns with your target Ideal Clientele audience. Take time to assess what your target Clientele desires in their Salon or Spa relationship and build a culture around those desires. Sounds easy enough, but it requires a specific type of research and industry knowledge to complete the process and successfully implement the mission, values, and culture in a way that it truly creates Client Affinity.

Successful Salon and Spa owners make thousands of dollars of profit every month because they have worked to build Client Affinity. Utilizing our coaching expertise we will lead you through the process of building a powerful Client Affinity. Contact us today and get your path set to earn higher profits.