Defining the Target Market for a Salon

There are a lot of quality business articles available on how to Identify your Target Market, but the Salon industry is unique and requires more research and thought to clearly identify the Target Market.

The starting point to create your Target Market is to analyze your current customer list to find groups with similar characteristics. Basic characteristic (demographic) segments are by age, gender, income, location, and career field.

The results of the basic parameters for each of the characteristic segments that are common within your current customers are the foundation of your analysis. This is where it becomes different for the Salon industry. Now it is time for you to dig deeper into these characteristics to more clearly determine your Ideal Client Target.

As an example let’s say your current customer list has similar ages between 25 and 55, now you look further into each of those customers to see which ones are resulting in the highest average ticket. The result of this research might cause you to adjust your age target to between 40 and 60 as they provide you a notable increase in your average ticket. We are not suggesting that you stop accepting clients under 40. But you should be sure your marketing message speaks to the age group of 40 - 60 which would be quite different than a marketing targeted to the 25 age group.

As you continue to analyze each of your characteristic groups as suggesting in the example for age above you will find the results give you a very clear picture of the specific demographics that you want to attract to your business. Then you realign your marketing programs and projects to Target this Ideal Client segment. Then watch your overall average ticket increase over the next year!