Daily Huddles meet Great Resistance but provide Greatest Value

With every new coaching engagement one of the first topics we work on is Daily Huddles. The famous Who, What, Where, When & Why questions are good ones to use when looking at the purpose and value of Daily Huddles.



Daily Huddles provide a dramatic impact on the Customer Experience, by motivating the team to provide the same quality of service as well as getting everyone on the team focused and working together. So attending a daily huddle is mandatory for all team members that are on the schedule to work that day. Attending the Daily Huddle is mandatory, not optional!


Daily Huddles primary purpose is to motivate the team and have them focused on what they will accomplish today with their guests. Having each member know their goals and proclaim what they are committed to for the day. Use a few minutes to motivate the team to encourage them to adjust their performance if they are not on track with their goals. Daily huddles should be consistent in length of time and should be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes in length. No Phones! No Food! No Coffee! No Drinks! No Sitting!

Where & When

The Daily Huddle should take place prior to the shift starting so the whole team is in attendance. If your salon or spa runs multiple shifts then the Daily Huddle is repeated at the beginning of each shift. The time it starts is always the same so if your doors open at 9am in the morning the Daily Huddle should be scheduled to start at 8:45am. It is key to the success of the Daily Huddle to have the leader start promptly on time. Team members should arrive early enough to be ready to start their shift before the Daily Huddle begins so once it ends they can go to their station and great their first guest.


Saving the best for last… Why hold Daily Huddles? Every coaching client who has embraced Daily Huddles and worked to deliver consistent and highly effective Daily Huddles has seen substantial increases in key areas of Salon & Spa Success:

  • Increased Revenues

  • Increased Profits

  • Increased Pre-Booking

  • Increased Client Retention

  • Increased Team Member Retention

Give us a call if you want to learn How to implement successful Daily Huddles! Utilizing our coaching to learn how to implement Daily Huddles in your business will more than pay for itself in improved profits! It is a no-brainer! Call us today!

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