ou do what you can do, work on guests, take calls in between, help team members who need it, If you get “lucky” a client cancels so you can run to the beauty supply OR meet with a potential new staff member OR put out the fire that is happening… at the end of the day you fall in bed feeling like you got nothing accomplished and have so much left on your plate, THEN you wake in the middle of the night going OMG I forgot to……………………….. SOUND FAMILIAR?

If so YOU need to work on time management, You CAN get it all done but you have to have a schedule and really follow it, like you do when you are providing services.

Here is the 1st step

1. Write a list of EVERYTHING there is for you to do and handle at work I.E. orders, inventory, FB, Instagram, deposits, recruiting (getting into the school schedule) quick books (financials weekly) pay bills, plan marketing, follow up with guests, train assistants, do clients (if you are a service provider) review staff results (coach them), plan and set up education for staff, vacation, holiday events, These are just samples now you create your list.

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