Profit More. Stress Less.

3 Changes You Need To Make Today

Having been in the beauty industry for three decades, first as a business owner, and later as a coach – there are trending and common issues I experienced and see among salon and spa business owners daily.

So often when you’re in the midst the struggle you feel like you’re holding onto a tree trunk in the middle of a tsunami – just trying to survive until the water recedes and you find dry land again.


If this is you – there’s hope! It was once me too. In the mid 90’s I had moved my salon to a space four times the size it was in, was staring down huge debt, and was a recent widow – solely responsible for the lives of our two children. Talk about a tsunami!

Survive was my middle name! Instead of giving up and being swept out to sea, I dug in, purchased coaching and spent the next couple years doing the incredibly hard work to turn around my life and business.

Not long after having gone through the coaching program, I was the proud owner of one of the top 3 salons in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Now – does this help you in anyway while you’re holding onto the tree trunk of life? Not really. But! It may give you hope! Hope to understand that it is possible and there is a way.

In the next 10 minutes, I’m going to give you 3 very practical ways to begin turning your business around today. If you’re ready – let’s dive in.

1. Get Black And White

It’s time to get out of a “my customer is my friend” mentality and get into a “this is business” mentality. Before you get all emotional about that, let me explain. If a friend is having a really bad day and you want to give her a gift, do you charge her for that? No – of course not. Would you be a good friend, or keep friends very long, if for everything you gave to them, you expected something in return? No – no one wants that kind of “friend”.


So, if you don’t charge your friends for the gifts or services you give to them and you consider each one of your employees and customers your friends – how long can your business stay in the black? …. Exactly.

This point is not about withholding value, support, or excellence unless currency is exchanged, it is rather about the way you feel regarding money and how it relates to the working relationships you have.

The moment you cross over from giving the best service money can buy, to wanting to help out a friend – you’re screwed as a business owner. Your emotions are in it and they will cloud your judgement every time.

Begin right now to think in terms of black and white, excellence and value. Out of those ideals, you’ll be able to make better decisions - getting you out of the red and into the black each month.

2. Games Are Won And Lost In The Locker Room

Have you ever watched a football game and thought for sure the leading team had the win in the bag at half time only to be dead wrong as the losing team came from a massive disadvantage, but won it in the second half? It’s inspiring isn’t it? Ever wondered what that speech must’ve been like in the locker room at half time? What the communication between players must’ve been?


Well, I’m here to tell you it’s time to lace up because your business will succeed or fail based on your communication and strategies.

Do your employees know their expectations? Are they held accountable to reach and exceed them? Do you have systems in place for everyone to be able to grow and thrive?

If your business is struggling, or you feel scatter brained – chances are, you answered, “no” to those questions.

Consistently show up everyday with clear goals and expectations. Follow up and follow through on what is expected for each member of your team – including yourself. Praise those doing well, and work diligently on those who need help.

My philosophy has always been, “There are no shooting stars. We are All Stars”.
Today, decide what internal changes need to be made to your processes and procedures. Plan a meeting and follow up. Hold everyone accountable and watch as your staff begins to rise to the occasion and add more value than you knew was possible.

3. Hire A Coach.

Yes, I’m going there. Although for all intent and purposes it may appear as a shameless plug, I really want you to understand and consider the huge changes a business coach can make.

As I’d mentioned earlier, in the mid 90’s I had a business that not only wasn’t thriving – it hadn’t provided me with a paycheck in over three months!

The best decision I made was hiring my business coach, Sally, and implementing everything she said to do. She showed me there was money I left on the table every day. She addressed weaknesses in me I didn’t realize were affecting my business. She brought me through from complete survival to truly learning how to thrive.


As I’ve been consistently helping the salon and spa industry for nearly two decades, I see that the business world has gotten increasingly more difficult to navigate.

Not only are you up against bigger chains with larger marketing budgets, but you’re up against a generational gap of up and coming employees that would rather text their clients than speak directly to them.

It’s a jungle out there! 95% of you are equipped and able to be the business owner you want to be – to have the business that supports your lifestyle, dreams, and family – you simply don’t know the proper steps and channels to make it happen.

Make the decision today to get more information on coaching. To see where that fits in and how it will bring your business to levels you have yet to reach.

Remember, businesses change from the top down. Your employees and your business are a direct reflection of you. If there is inner turmoil – there’s outer turmoil. If there’s inner doubt – there’s outer doubt; and no matter how much you mask those things, your customer can sense them.

Start with you. Start today. Click here. I’ll see you on the other side.