Recruiting is one of the biggest challenges of today’s business owners.

It can feel like there is no one out there who wants a job OR from the other side no salons/spas are hiring.

When do you start recruiting?

Most owners answer is When I need someone!!! This is the worst time to be looking, now you have a NEED so much of your rational (owner thinking) is now much more on the emotional side, I need the space filled, I need the money, I have the guests but not enough technicians so I will lose the guests etc…. then we put and ad out and NOTHING!!!! No hairdressers, massage therapists, nail tech etc answer… the feeling gets frustrated, negative, resigned, cynical 😊 get the picture?

Now imaging you were looking for staff when you DON'T need them, you are placing ads you are recruiting in the schools, you are getting interested applicants, you are seeing students with potential, you may even find that “perfect” hire and hire them (we can all find a place for THAT one!)

Recruiting should be part of an ongoing process (part of your business structure).

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