Hot Topic to help Retain Your Technicians

Many things have impacted the Salon industry in recent years, but one of the hottest topics is technicians that leave to become a booth renter. From what we have seen and heard during our coaching and on-site training sessions one of the saddest parts about this topic is the technician is often making their decision based on perceptions rather than facts, and once they are a booth renter they find out it is a lot tougher than they had imagined.

What the technician may not understand about becoming a booth renter is that this is much more than just a compensation change, it is about taking on many of the responsibilities of a business owner.

In an effort to support the Salon owners who are possibly losing a technician to booth rental as well as informing the technician who is about to make this leap, we created a Free Resource that you can easily download and use to have a conversation with your staff member that is considering a booth rental move.

Employee vs. Booth Renter

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